4 Simple Electronics Projects Anyone Can Try

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Lots of people assume that building electronics is going to be too difficult for them. There are DIY kits available but building from scratch can seem like a pipedream. However, it is actually a much easier and more realistic endeavor than you might think. Below are four simple projects that are perfect for anyone looking for a simple project to introduce them to how everything works.

Where To Buy Components

You can find all the tools and components that you need to build simple electronics online. You can find tools like soldering irons on Amazon along with solder.

Once you move on to more advanced projects, you can use Octopart to search for component suppliers. You will also find detailed datasheets for every item in their vast component database. These data sheets are useful for learning about components and will enable you to produce designs more efficiently down the line.


If the idea of making your own battery-powered USB charger appeals to you, this is the ideal project to start with. The MintyBoost project doesn’t involve anything more complicated than some simple soldering. The most popular guide for the MintyBoost uses an Altoid tin as a case, but any metal mint case will work as an enclosure.

The best thing about this project is that it is perfect for parents looking to satisfy their kids’ curiosity. Young children will need supervision when soldering or an adult to do it for them. But the principles involved are simple to understand, and the project is safe.

Supercapacitor USB Light

The supercapacitor USB light is another popular DIY electronics project. The components you need for this project are a white LED, a 1K Ohm resistor, a supercapacitor, and a USB male connector. When you finish the project, you will have a small USB device to plug into a USB port to charge the supercapacitor and produce a bright light.

For some people, this is a handy device to have. It makes finding your USB slots a lot easier in the dark.

Altoids Tin Stereo Mixer

Altoids Tins are versatile components. Not only can you use them as the perfect enclosure for a battery-powered USB charger, but you can also convert them into stereo speakers without much effort. This project isn’t very complicated at all. However, the end result is very cool. This project is another that kids will love.

‘Universal’ TV Remote

Making a simple infra-red device doesn’t require many components at all. You can have a lot of fun with this device, and it can serve as a replacement for your TV remote in a pinch. The best way of approaching this one is to buy one of the DIY kits available. Or, if you want a more advanced project, you could look into programming the chips yourself.

These projects are ideal starting points for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of electronics. None of these projects is particularly advanced, and most are suitable for beginners of all ages.