5 Quick Tips to Increase PC Performance

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Struggling with a clogged system? Wanna Increase the performance of your PC? If yes, well we got you covered!

Slow desktops and laptops are very normal. A computer can turn extremely sluggish while racing from task to task, trying to meet deadlines and completing the to-do list. Slow PC performance can be all due to everyday activities like browsing the Internet slowly filling your hard drive with Junk. Head to the list below explaining the most common reasons why your computer must be dragging and ways to resolve the issue making your system keep pace with the work ethics.

  1. Too many running programs

Today, it is possible to perform multiple tasks at once. After some time, your system’s memory won’t allow seamless switching from open program to another. Some programs keep running in the background even though you aren’t using them.

The fix: Remove all these useless programs that you aren’t using and stick with one browser window if possible. Bookmark reference tabs and use them when required. This option is available in Microsoft, Edge, Safari or Chrome.

  1. Maximize hard drive or memory

Your hard drive or memory will begin to suffer before it is 100% full. At 85% capacity, your system’s efficiency starts crawling. Programs, Internet downloads, and other temporary files take the maximum hard drive and memory space. To do away with the issue and improve your PC performance for windows here’s the fix.

The fix: Without investing – Increase computer performance by getting rid of computer trash and move the large files to the cloud and delete those that are of no use. You are advised to employ these changes safely and securely. With investment – If the RAM of your PC needs some doctor treatment, go ahead.

  1. Unnecessary software updates

A number of programs and applications come installed with pre-activated updates. These likely to take-up valuable hard drive space and interfere with the normal functioning of the PC.

The Fix: Download automated software that’ll help run your computer run smoothly 24/7 handling updates at its best. These programs also install upgrades when offline so that work doesn’t hamper and performance don’t get affected.

  1. Manage PC startup

Similar to how some applications get installed unnecessarily without intimation, many load upon startup. This is a major hindrance behind improving your system’s performance and processing speed.

The Fix: Be the expert of speeding up your PC by disabling all the unnecessary programs eating up your system’s performance and devote operating speed to the priority tasks.

  1. Virus Infection

Usually, a virus is easily detected during the encryption of a file. But some viruses unknowingly, run in the background gathering personal information like usernames, passwords, credit card or bank details. Some anti-virus software are unable to detect malicious malware and these then continue to grow. Continuously evolving security solutions are a must in today’s digital world.

The fix: Never entrust free anti-virus solutions as the one layer of security present in them makes the stuff unsafe. Secure your precious data from data breaches, phishing, and cybercrime by downloading three-layer antivirus software.


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