Differences between the Major PHP Frameworks – CodeIgniter VS Laravel

CodeIgniter VS Laravel

PHP stands for the general-purpose scripting language. This language is developed by Rasmus Lerdorf used to develop dynamic websites or Web applications.


It offers extensive benefits to the developers open-source, Compatible with servers like IIS and APACHE, and easy integration. Along with this, to rapid the development process, it offers several frameworks including CodeIgniter and Laravel.


CodeIgniter and Laravel are the most popular and preferred frameworks. Both of them have different similarities and are easy to use. The CodeIgniter PHP framework is based on Object-oriented and Laravel is on relational Object-Oriented.


There are several differences between CodeIgniter and  Laravel and a PHP developer should be able to select the right framework as per their project requirements.


In this blog, we will provide you all the differences between CodeIgniter and  Laravel PHP framework. To leverage all the benefits of the frameworks, partner with a Laravel and CodeIgniter development company.


Differences between – CodeIgniter VS Laravel





CodeIgniter is considered as a powerful PHP framework. It offers an elegant toolkit to the developers to develop the websites. Developers have considered it as the best option to develop the websites. This framework offers advanced security techniques to the developers to secure the websites and allows encryption procedures. It is under the MIT License and delivers high performance.



Laravel is popular and based on open-source technology. It was released under MIT License and written in PHP language. This PHP framework supports the model-view-controller architectural pattern. Originally developed by Taylor Otwell. It simplifies the development process and supports several databases with great documentation.






This framework supports several databases including Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL oriented, MYSQL, and ORACLE. It is compatible with all these frameworks.



CodeIgniter PHP framework supports multiple databases such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB., Microsoft BI, and MySQL. However, this framework also supports other popular databases also such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2.


Learning Curve


This framework is easy to learn and beginners can learn in a short duration of time.



Laravel is the blend of features, for developers to learn huge features turns as a daunting task. It is not easy to learn for beginners and for them it is a time-consuming process.





It doesn’t have any built-in authentication features. However,  for authorizing and authenticating users have to rely on the CodeIgniter extensions.



Laravel supports the authentication class feature. It helps developers in the implementation of authentication and authorization rules.


Programming Paradigm



This framework supports Object-Oriented Event-Driven Functional programming paradigm



Laravel is based on a Component Oriented programming paradigm.


Libraries Support



CodeIgniter supports a wide range of in-built functionalities. Developers can get huge support from in-built libraries. It is a useful framework for developers.



It offers official documentation to the developers, which is really helpful for the developers. In the documentation the process used to be elaborate and easy to understand.





With the CodeIgniter framework, routing is responsible for a response for the URL requests. Controllers – routes are linked to controllers. However,

it supports both implicit and explicit routing.



With the Laravel framework, developers get help in routing as it helps to increase the performance and scale up the web applications, as well as define several routes in the web application. It offers a flexible approach to the developers and it supports only explicit routing.


Testing Process



This framework doesn’t offer any unit testing inbuilt tools to the developers. For developers, it is difficult to check the coding process. The lack of a testing tool leads to a decrease in the coding quality.



It helps the developers to check the application code and it has inbuilt tools also. With the PHPunit developers can access the coding and improve quality process.



These are the major differences between CodeIgniter and Laravel. Developers should know about these major differences and opt for the frameworks as per their project requirements. Both frameworks have their own individual features and both are valuable for different projects. In order to leverage all the benefits of both frameworks, it is essential to know about their features properly.


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