Green Technologies in 2019 Set to Change the World’s Future


Green technology is not a new concept. It is also referred to as clean technology or environmental technology. Green technology involves the application of tools and knowledge to produce environmentally friendly products and processes. The interest in green technologies was started in response to global warming fear and the near depletion of many natural resources.

Different green technologies developed over the previous years have attracted wide attention in both the households and the corporate world. Through the adoption of some green technology products, individuals and companies have been able to reduce waste and carbon emissions, save costs and conserve energy sources. In this article below, we have viewed such green technologies that are set to change the world’s future in 2019.

  1. Solar Project Management Tools

Project Management is an essential part of every workplace. For some companies or people, it can prove to be a really daunting task involving communication software, task assigning apps and monitoring tools. Solar project management is a solar software based green technology for natural and effective workforce management of solar companies. The solar software coordinates all workers and materials for managing time, budgets and human energy. It also helps in maximizing detailed implementation plans and keeping track of tasks, resources, and costs.

  1. Solar speakers

Green technologies not only make the systems and processes cost and energy efficient but also moves them towards self-sustainability. One of the examples of these self-sustainable green products is solar wireless speakers. These are just like regular speakers with the exception that they are powered by solar energy. The solar panels are embedded in an exposed area on the top of the device to allow for maximum energy absorption.

  1. Smart household appliances

Some household appliances are now introduced with green technology.  For example, a green tech fridge helps to keep a record of diet plans encouraging people to eat healthily and hence reduce their carbon footprint. At the same time, an eco-friendly fridge also consumes less power and helps to cut down energy costs. Similarly, there are eco-friendly washing machines that cut down costs on energy, detergent, and water. These household appliances make smart usage suggestions contributing to a clean and green environment.

  1. Automated lighting systems

Automated lighting systems make use of mobile or an application to enable the user control power or light switches remotely. These automated systems come in extremely handy when the user is away and wants the power to be shut on or off at specific times. In this way, energy usage and costs are efficiently controlled.

  1. Green GPS units

Traditional GPS unit provides drivers with route information, traffic avoidance, and road trip statistics. However, these traditional GPS units were not developed keeping eco-friendly interests in mind. Green GPS units were developed to provide drivers with the most fuel-efficient routes and detailed information about the vehicle’s performance. It also allows the drivers to check the history of their fuel use and hence assess and improve their performance.

  1. Eco-friendly paper shredding machines

Regularly, some documents have confidential or sensitive information and need to be destroyed. Offices use paper shredders machines for this purpose. It cuts down the paper into fine strips or particles. Eco-friendly paper shredding machines ensure this in the smartest way possible. These machines have low energy consumption, automatic turn off, reusable shred bags and lifetime warranty. In this way, these eco-friendly shredding machines are an extremely easy way to save energy and wastes.

  1. Dryer balls

Dryer balls offer an eco-friendly and natural way to replace dryer sheets and fabric softeners. These dryer balls are large rubber balls that come with a spiky surface. They perform a double function when used during drying. Firstly, they keep the clothes separated from each other enabling quicker drying. Secondly, their spiky surface keeps the clothes soft eliminating the need to add fabric softener. These dryer balls are also reusable as compared to traditional dryer sheets.

  1. High Tech thermostats

High tech thermostats, also called smart thermostats, control temperature of a place depending on the lifestyle and usage history of the user. These thermostats consist of highly efficient sensors, cloud computing, and algorithms that learn data based on usage patterns. This information is used to adjust heating or cooling depending on weather conditions. For example, a thermostat can learn what temperature the user like to maintain while sleeping and therefore, will turn the air conditioner on or off to maintain that particular temperature.

  1. Smart Power strips

Even if a user manages to turn off all lights before leaving their home, there will still be appliances that will be quietly sucking up the energy. These appliances are basically in the standby mode and are taking up some amount of energy. Smart power strips solve this issue by cutting off the power supply to all such appliances in the standby mode. This saves about 5-10% of energy and saves up the hassle of turning off all devices.

  1. Eco-friendly cooktops

Eco-friendly cooktops require less energy to cook food as compared to a traditional hot plate. The cooking time is reduced by an internal copper coil which generates a magnetic field in the cooking pot. The magnetic field allows the cooking pot itself to become hot and generate heat internally. The internal heat cooks the food more quickly saving a large amount of energy.

  1. Cloth Napkins

Millions of baby diapers and sanitary napkins are discarded every day increasing waste. These diapers and napkins can be replaced by eco-friendly alternatives made from bamboo or cloth. The bamboo or cloth based napkins can be washed and reused easily.  As a bonus, the cloth napkins also keep the baby away from harmful chemicals applied in regular diapers.

The adoption of these green technologies has the potential to change the overall landscape of energy consumption. Some people may think that it requires a lot of money and effort to shift from traditional to eco-friendly products. However, the truth is that many of these products require equal investment as traditional products and can be incorporated right away. These green products will help in the long run to protect and sustain our planet.

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