How WordPress Plugin and Block chain Aids to E-commerce Store

WordPress Plugin and Blockchain

WordPress Plugin development can help your website boost up in so many ways. Whether you are writing your first blog or your fiftieth, WordPress plugins will provide your site with a wider and profitable boost in rankings and maintenance.

There are a variety of options that the Plugin can offer. It includes all features such as security best practices, plugin headers, and tools that you can use to build your plugin.

Use of Plugins

The sole rule of WordPress development is to never touch the WordPress Core. It means to add core functionality to your site, you should not edit the core WordPress files. This is recommended because, with every update, WordPress overwrites core files. Plugins must be used to add or modify any functionality.

Depending on what you want to do, Plugins can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. A single PHP file is the simplest plugin. An example of such a plugin is the Hello Dolly plugin. A Plugin Header, some books to attach your functions to, and a couple of PHP functions are required in a PHP plugin. Without touching the WordPress core itself these plugins allow you to increase the functionality of your website.

Impact of Blockchain on your WordPress Site

A blockchain is a feature through which transactions can be recorded in a pattern in the form of blocks and can, later on, be added to the chain where each transaction is recorded. In the absence of central authority, with each node connected to the blockchain network, every individual’s transaction is being updated automatically.

Some of the features that blockchain can provide and impact the WordPress plugin platform are:

  1. Identifies Verification and Organizes the Site

When it comes to online verification if you choose a lousy username or passcode it is very easy for outsiders to hack into them and steal your information. Blockchains in plugins can help in encryption of personal data so that users can share their data actively. You can use this technology to share personal data securely with the service providers or colleagues, login apps, and verify your identity as well. Site Management is hence perfect and you are set free from any kind of cyber-attacks.

  • Monetization of Content

Content creators spend a boatload of money that is based on an algorithm that accounts for likes, page views, and other engaging factors which is the basic drill. Because no one has figured out what in the algorithm shall be applied and where the huge amount of money comes from, you can apply the money to multiple sites which would result in more challenging networks.

A new era has begun where you no longer need content monetization services to define the algorithm from a centrally trusted client that operates the servers and manages payments. Hence in such a network, blockchain (as a decentralized network) provides blockchain specific, content monetization services that do not require any client at the center of it.

WordPress Plugin

Why use WordPress Plugins for e-commerce

Many benefits profit an e-commerce website that has WordPress plugins installed in it. WordPress e-Commerce plugin is specifically created for WordPress. Anybody can use this system as it is an open-source application. Some of the benefits that this application has to offer are:

  1. It’s Popular, Buyers Are Familiar with It!

Something that the people are not so familiar with intrigues people a lot. The number of users for the WP E-Commerce System exponentially increase each day and is extensively used. To this date, there are about 300,000+ downloads. Since people are already using it therefore, online shoppers won’t hesitate to purchase it from your website because they already trust the system that you are using. A wise shopper will never allow his/her money to process in an unreliable virtual shopping system.

  • It Has Links To Diverse Payment Gateways

There are numerous pre-installed payment gateways such as PayPal- Express, PayPal, Chronopay, Manual Payment, and Google Checkout. Manual Payment can be used for transactions that involve cash or money orders. You can also opt for eWay and if your choice of a payment gateway is not available on the list. You need to purchase the Gold Cart Module for that. Using SSL, you can protect the client’s purchase information as well as your business. For gaining your customer’s confidence, download SSL in your server. For computing shipping rates, WP E-Commerce also has built-in calculators. There are links to the shippers to keep a track of updated shipping rates.

  • It’sVisually Attractive

Keep in mind that your website’s outlook shows the quality of your brand. People invest more time in improving their website’s aesthetics. Whenever you integrate a shopping cart system to your website, it automatically contributes to the overall outlook of your site, as well as its aesthetics based on what your customer will decide whether to purchase from your site or not.

  • It’s Free and Improving

The increased savings is one of the best benefits that WP E-Commerce plugins have to offer. WP E-Commerce is for free and hence you don’t need to pay for your shopping cart system. Its creators also make continuous strides to improve the system. Updates can be downloaded from the internet for free.

  • It’s Easy to Install and it Works Well with Other Plugins

The installation time of the WP E-Commerce System is only 5 minutes. The installation does not have any errors or issues. Searches can be conducted easily through the WordPress Administration since it was created for WordPress for a currently made section. Do not believe the rumors about it being of low quality since it is easy to install. This is not the case. There are various functions in WP E-Commerce System that are crucial for transactions with your customers such as Groups, Marketing, Variation, Sales, Products,and Setting Links.


A WordPress e-store requires both WordPress Plugins and also the most advanced blockchain mechanism for utmost security. Better to hire a development company for a customized WordPress development to get the most out of it.

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