Know the 4 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Boost Your Content

Digital Marketing Tools

The evolving digital marketing realm posits great challenges, and there is an exponential need to improvise the tools implemented in its functioning. Else, the chances of being discarded from this competitive industry are always looming large.

It is under such circumstances that each year comes with an advanced set of marketing tools for the digital world. With each upgrade, the tools get more sophisticated and efficient. Moreover, the substantial dependence of each sector on digitalization is steadily increasing its popularity.

On this note, know this interesting fact:

  • As per reports from July 2018, this year is about to experience a rise in marketing revenue of the content world to about $300 billion. This is no surprise though.

The last decade has witnessed a smooth climb in this sector because businesses need exposure on the digital platform, without which their trade will become obsolete and archaic.

Considering the importance given to this genre of marketing, it is hence essential for all content writers in India to get equipped accordingly.

Following is a list of those marketing tools, which will be proficient in giving you the much-required edge over your competitors in 2019.

What are the star digital marketing tools for 2019?

Digital Marketing

The following list is the secret to how various content marketing and developing companies have been beating their competitors through the years:

  • Canva

According to statistics, more than half of the customers go for visual marketing rather than plain content. It is on this note that content development companies are giving utmost priority to Canva.

This tool gives users a provision to create images, designs, or backgrounds right from scratch. One might use original photos or stock ones. Moreover, Canva also provides a variety of sizes of one particular image. This is extremely beneficial since any high-resolution image will tend to slow down the loading speed of a page.

  • Google analytics

With such a widespread market, it becomes difficult to keep a simultaneous track of all information regarding their users. A tool that would be like their assistant seems perfect, doesn’t it?

Hence, Google Analytics is in the mandate list of tools. This tool gives marketers detailed data on

  • Which marketing channel is working the best for the business,
  • The conversion rates,
  • Approximate locale of clients, etc.

With such information, marketers will know which areas need more attention and how to handle and boost traffic.

  • Buffer–

One of the top B2B marketing techniques includes social media content because the year 2018 saw a colossal emphasis on these platforms. Social media posts count for about 92% of the marketing world.

Buffer, as a marketing tool, is appropriate in social media management. This tool tracks all the social media accounts and monitors social media post writing made by a company in all these platforms.

  • Keyword density checker

With the rising trends of voice search optimized content, the importance of keyword is now more than ever. We are looking at an era of long-tail keywords where the strings of words are most likely to be in inquiry style.

Keeping a perfect balance of the keyword count is essential for the smooth functioning and popularity of content. It is for this very reason that most of the content developing companies trust Keyword density checker. The app has a user-friendly platform and hence is widely preferred.

The availability of all these digital marketing tools can have a considerable positive impact on your marketing campaigns. And, with an improvised marketing campaign, everyone will be able to reach out to more clients with quality content. So, avail at least the above 4 ASAP and let it enhance your marketing strategies.