Smart Alerts Boosting Server Performance

Smart Alerts

Prevention is always better than cure, and the same goes for monitoring your server performance. By configuring smart alerts, you can ensure you are alerted before your server crashes and easily specify whom the warnings need to be escalated to.

Smart alerts can be configured to help boost your server performance and help you avoid server downtime that could end up costing you business, time and unnecessary money.

We all know it’s gut-wrenching to receive an alert early hours of the morning about something that may not be of importance or relevance to you; thus smart alerts become beneficial as you can configure the settings to adapt and alert certain users. You can also set the days and times alerts should be sent out and which platform you would prefer to receive these alerts. There’s no longer the need to alert only the systems team. Instead, you can specify the correct person in the organization to fix the alerted error.


Smart Alerts For Smart Business

To save your business time and money, it is essential to fix any issue as fast as possible; thus, instant smart alerts are beneficial for your server performance monitoring. However, if alerts are delivered and are confusing, it would not mean much having it arrive quickly, thus when choosing a server monitoring software, you should ensure that your alerts are explained in plain English. Alerts are only as good as the information they provide; thus, it should also include what the metrics were to detect the error to help you understand the background of the error.

You may want to understand why you should have the background information to why the server performance is low, and it’s simple. Your server infrastructure needs the best-skilled administrators and engineers to take immediate actions and fixed the issue quickly.

To monitor and ensure you receive useful alerts, you will need to set up notification rules that trigger for helpful feedback and alerts. Create event-based rules with dependencies quickly. Some issues in your infrastructure may occur for a short period and then disappear.

Create intelligent network alerts that are dependency and topology aware, so you receive only those that are truly critical.

The Benefits of Smart Alerts For Server Performance Monitoring

Many benefits are setting up smart alerts to monitor your server performance, with one particular action that could save your business much strife, and that is an Action trigger that informs you about Disk Fill levels.

By setting the action, you specify what should happen. More benefits include:

  • Alerts can be configured to provide information about the conditions, so you know exactly where to start troubleshooting.
  • You will receive multi-vendor fault, performance, and network availability monitoring results.
  • The alerts are in the form of visual representation of the health and performance of the network.

What Platforms are Compatible with Smart Alerts?

Receive downtime alerts and threshold-based warnings on critical server monitoring metrics. You can also add your team along with their roles and responsibilities so that they receive the correct alerts to fix quickly.


The best and easily accessible alert channels that you can set predefined alert rules to are:

  • ‍Email
  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • Pushover
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Webhooks.

You can start your server monitoring reliably with default values for all metrics. CloudRadar offers a simple, affordable and reliable server monitoring service with efficient, customizable alerts. Browse their offering today or sign up for their free trial.