Why Super Market Needs Barrier



When people are visiting Supermarket the faced flap barrier, the sensors will active open/close automatically with 90 degree movement.

The close time can be adjusted from 0~18 seconds.   It will stop automatically when it detects someone or something after the gate. When the blockage disappears, it will open then closed again, the delay time can be adjusted in 0-18 seconds.   The door can also be controlled by push button or access control it is an

Automatic Flap Barrier.The gate can be installed at the entrance and set for a single direction. In an emergency, such as a Fire escape, you can push the gate open in the opposite direction, at the same time the indicator light will flash with the alarm. If the gate is impeded in the opening process, the gate will try to open and close three times automatically, if the gate still can’t get rid of the faults, the gate will be in sleep mode until it be recovered to closed status manually (the position is 0 degrees), then the auto adjust / control of the gate can be activated.

  • Fast swings turnstiles for supermarket entry
  • Chrome finish
  • Automated entry or exit
  • Control pedestrian traffic

Technical specifications Supermarket flap barrier

  • Passage function: Standard and Welcome (Reversed action)
  • Signal Type: NPN 12 Volt
  • Opening time: 10 RPM, fully open gate in 3 Sec
  • Safety: Emergency break-out with alarm.
  • Adjustable settings: Opening delay of gate arm, break-out force (60– 120 Nm at 1 m), Safety delay,     Sensor adjustment
  • Gate Functionality: Left/ Right/ 180 Degree operation (optional)
  • Gate Arms: Standard gate arm with clear or white panel (500-1200mm)
  • Power supply: 220V/50Hz (110V option)
  • Weight: 30.5 kg

Flap Barrier: Generally in our life we faced lots of barriers. Barriers are basically used for security and safety. Flap barrier is one of them. Flap barrier is designed to control pedestrian entering or exiting restricted areas, with Stainless steel, Outdoor weather Resistant for both indoor and outdoor installations. Flap barrier gate consists of a box or cabinet. it can be used for the applications like an office building, hotel, apartment, museum, factory, station and ferry terminal etc.. Together with intelligent card reader/writer and management software, they are combined as intelligent speed gate management system,

Tripod Turnstile Gate

Tripod Turnstile Gate is a System in which  an individual safety device and it is  intelligent entrance access control system not only for counter purpose, the system featured with WPR software which enables real time monitoring the access records of library visitors and able to generate full monitoring statistic report on patron access. It also integrate-able with LMS via SIP2 to get patron ID, verification and authentication as well as to block the patron from leaving the library if the patron has triggered the security gate alarm.

Pedestrian gate at supermarket

Manual supermarket gates for pedestrian access control are an effective, low cost option to control pedestrian flow in supermarkets and other retail outlets, used in conjunction with barrier rails they guide the customer past the checkout and prevent them from exiting through the entrance

Manual supermarket gates require no maintenance. The arms can be cut to size on site and the post is simple to install with four anchor bolts fixing it to the floor.

The dimensions of the two manual gates are compatible with the two different brands of automatic gates but the rails are not interchangeable.

They are not suitable for entrances where supermarket trollies or prams are used, in this case please have a look at our Automatic Supermarket Gates.