Why You Need Network Security


Have you prioritized the security of your network lately? We are seeing huge rises in the number of data breaches and cybersecurity issues, and it’s more important than ever that businesses protect themselves from hackers, malware and viruses so that they don’t incur the enormous time and financial costs associated with data loss. This article takes a look at some of the reasons why you need to make sure that your business’s digital network is protected.

Data loss is very expensive

60% of companies that suffer a big data loss situation go out of business within a year. Data loss is a serious matter and can affect every business, from the very small through to the largest organization. All businesses need to carry customers, products, stock, financial and personal data. The consequences of it getting lost or stolen can be enormous. It’s therefore critically important to ensure that your cybersecurity systems are in place.

Alongside your data, there is also a very real threat that your physical products and assets could be at risk if staff devices or passwords are compromised. This could allow access to sites, warehouses or business property. Get some advice and support from a professional organization, such as the team at Watchguard Online,to make sure your network security is bulletproof.

Identity theft is on the rise

One of the most problematic outcomes of a data breach for a company is having their customers’ personal information stolen and sold on to other illegal websites who can then use that data to sell on to ID thieves. The speed in which that can happen is frightening, so it’s very important to have network security in place to prevent your customer’s data from falling into the wrong hands.

The threat to your reputation

Regardless of the financial implications of data loss or any other form of cybercrime that leads to significant disruption to your business, you are also at risk of a severely damaged reputation if hackers get hold of your customer’s data. Without sufficient protection in place, aggrieved customers and the press will find you culpable for the loss. The subsequent backlash on social media allied to your customer’s lack of confidence in you could be very damaging. Make sure you have the right IT security in place to protect your customer’s data and your reputation.

Strong network security will save your money

In the long run, you are always going to benefit financially from a robust network security solution. Reduced losses, confident customers and the peace of mind that will allow you and your team to focus on profitable tasks rather than fire-fighting network security issues, are very important. If your staff isn’t picking up the phone to IT security specialists every 5 minutes (costing lots of money in the process) then they are free to work on the company’s core business instead.

There is no doubt that every business needs sufficient network security protocols and systems in place to ensure that their data (and the data of their customers) is safe. This is so the personal data of customers cannot be sold to identity thieves, and so that your business retains a solid reputation amongst your target audience.