5 Reasons Why Electrical Safety is Necessary for a Landlord

Electrical Safety

Electrical safety saves lives and property. Not all electrical damage occurs where it can be seen in frayed wires. It happens behind walls and sockets. A commercial electrical installation condition report is a legal requirement and helps a building remain safe.


Electricity is dangerous. A spark from a frayed wire can land on the wrong spot and result in a fire. Keeping a building’s EICR up-to-date can spot flaws before they become a hazard.

An experienced electrician carries out the commercial electrical installation condition report. Experience translates to seeing it all before. The electrician knows what visual damage to look for and where to spot it before anyone else can. As the vast majority of a building’s electrical installations cannot be seen, the building’s wiring and circuit accessories are tested.

This allows faults to be picked up early and dangerous installations taken out of use.

Save Lives

Electricity causes more than just the mild shocks, and most people will experience at least once. It can and does kill. Not all shocks are mild. A trained electrician can spot what wire will result in mild pain and what electrical damage will kill. It is a unique skill with years of training. Not even a qualified electrician with years of experience and expert knowledge can be right all the time. It is better to be safe than sorry when saving lives. Keep inspections up-to-date and repair faults immediately. If something seems a bit off about anything electrical, call in the expert. Don’t ignore the issue or try to fix it yourself.

Save Your Installations

Usually, it is cheaper to repair an installation or appliance than it is to replace it. If a fault is spotted early, the repairs are more inexpensive still. Having an EICR and PAT testing for appliances saves money while being legally compliant. It is a win-win situation. It is as simple as switching off the lights when the building isn’t in use.

Save Property

Appliances are expensive. Think about how the costs involved in replacing them all at once. That’s after fire damage is repaired. Think of the insurance premiums.

Dangerous installations and appliances result in electrical fires. Electrical fires are preventable fires.

Once the damage is repaired, the appliances replaced and the new insurance premiums budgeted for, there’s the cost of the building being out of use. These things take months to repair. That’s a massive hit to profit margins.

Dangerous installations taken out of use until they’re fixed are inconvenient. It is expensive. There’s no denying it. It is much cheaper overall.

Think of the Neighbours

No matter where the building is located there are neighbours. Preventable electrical fires spread. They spread through fallow fields and vacant lots. They spread through businesses and homes.

Fire doesn’t care what it destroys. It burns. There’s no reasoning with it. No one wants to be responsible for torching someone else’s property. Ignoring electrical safety is taking a lighter and accelerant to your neighbour’s shoe rack.