How to Find the Perfect Promotional Products for Your Audience

product promotion

Custom promotional products are a classic marketing method, though they can take a long time to have the desired effect. This means it is hard to measure the benefit of the marketing effort until you’ve potentially lost time and money handing them out. That’s why you need to find the right items to give away if you want them to give your brand the attention it deserves. Let’s learn how to find the perfect promotional products for your audience.

Have a Clear Objective

Know your goals before you start shopping for a promotional product. If the goal is to build brand awareness, you’ll want to hand out items that will be widely seen. T-shirts and coffee mugs fit in this category. If the goal is to acquire a few high-value customers in a short time, give them high-value freebies that make them feel good about the brand and obligated to do business with you.

If the goal is to lead them to your website, tote bags, t-shirts and notepads that showcase your website are a good choice. Around ninety percent of people remember who gave them a promotional t-shirt, even if they rarely wear it.

Understand Your Audience

Understand the wants and needs of your intended audience. Young women prefer bags with logos, while young adults, in general, appreciate promotional calendars. Suburban and rural customers are more likely to keep logoed drinkware. Younger adults are more likely to keep promotional desk supplies, though everyone will keep promotional pens.

Find Something That’s Appreciated by the Recipient

A general piece of advice to follow when searching for promotional products is to give away something they will use on an everyday basis. This is why pens, notepads, keyrings, and mugs are so commonly used as promotional items.

However, you can take it to the next level by giving them something they’ll truly appreciate every time they use it – something that would be useful, like printed power banks for instance. It may let people use their mobile phones for another thirty minutes before it dies. It is so valuable that people who don’t care about the brand may come over to your booth to pick one up. It will go over well when an audience is more tech-oriented, and it will stand out from the standard fare of pens and mouse pads. It is also a step up from a branded thumb drive.

By finding an item they’ll use again and again, you prevent your product from being thrown away. And roughly one in five people routinely throw out promotional items they don’t care about. Furthermore, poor quality items will be discarded, and they’ll hurt your reputation, too.

Think About the Timing

Timing matters more with some promotional products than others. For example, everyone can use another pen or power bank. However, calendars are best handed out in December or January. The only exception to this is a sports schedule, but that should be given out near the start of the season, no matter the sport.

Clothing items should be seasonal. People will appreciate a hoodie when it is cold outside, but they’ll prefer t-shirts when it is warm. This could mean that you’ll want several different promotional items to give away if you aren’t relying on a single, universal promotional product.

The perfect promotional item will leave a lasting brand impression while marketing your company to strangers. It is also a fit with your ideal customer demographic and their wants and needs. Miss the mark, and you’re wasting your money.