Reasons to Get Custom Printed Shirts

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You can’t go wrong with custom printed shirts. That’s why so many businesses hand them out at promotional events and trade shows. If your company doesn’t have a shirt that shows your brand, then you need to order OTG custom shirts. Here are five reasons why your company should get one.


The reason why car manufacturers put their logo on their vehicles because it’s free advertising. Your custom designed T-shirts could be seen by hundreds of people. And most of those people could become customers. Eliminating the logo from your design could miss out on that possible visibility.

If you’re not designing custom T-shirts for your company, then you’re missing out on this marketing opportunity. Every time someone wears your T-shirt while shopping at the grocery store or going to the movies, they’re marketing your brand.

Team Spirit

Nothing great is done without the help out of a team. Even some of the best athletes can’t succeed without the help of their coaches. Some of the best teams are the ones that work well together. How do you boost cohesion and collaboration? By wearing custom-designed T-shirts.

Recent studies have shown that custom printed shirts boost self-confidence, enhance credibility, and increase job satisfaction. This isn’t something that happens to your company. Your customers can provide this sense of cohesion as well. Sticking to the same colors and design can create a sense of belonging to something important.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty can be hard to work on. With custom printed shirts, you can keep your brand on your customer’s minds at all times. You have the opportunity to introduce your brand into their homes without the use of a website. When you have thousands of supporters, you can increase support and loyalty.


You can use your customer designed T-shirts to make money. If you’re hosting an event, why not make those T-shirts available to your attendees? If you have an e-commerce site, there are plenty of features that can help you sell them. Once you order those T-shirts those shorts in big quantities, you can scale on it and generate revenue.

Before you commit to a certain color or design, consider your target audience. What do they wear? What color would they prefer? Get them involved with the designing process.

Raise Money

Custom printed shirts are great for showing support or raising funds for a certain cause. Whether you’re planning a field trip or you’re raising funds for new uniforms, selling these T-shirts can help you achieve your goal. Since custom printed shirts are affordable for your customer, they can be sold at the price point you choose.

Depending on the event or venue you’re selling the T-shirts, the prices may vary. Since your customers know the money is going to a good cause, they’re more likely to pay more than they would for a regular T-shirt. You can use those profits and divide them to support that mission. Since customer printed shirts are affordable to order, they can match the profits or proceeds.