Tips to Reduce the Cost When Organizing a Team building Activity

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Most companies conduct an annual team-building exercise. The usual goals are to improve collaboration within the team and allow the employees to get to know each other. The problem is that these activities could be quite costly. It depends on the chosen venue and the number of attendees.

If you are confident that the program will meet your goals, it is worth spending money on. These are some tips to consider if you worry that the activity will take a considerable portion of the budget.

Choose the right venue

Since these activities are usually overnight, you need to find a place that could accommodate everyone without spending a lot. Instead of renting hotel rooms, it is more practical to rent a large house that could accommodate several guests since it has lots of bedrooms and bathrooms. If you compute the cost difference between several hotel rooms and one large home, the latter would still be more practical. Besides, these houses come with lots of spacious areas where you can hold fun team building activities. Hotels also have meeting rooms or ballrooms, but they cost a lot to rent. Check out large houses for rent for quality options. 

Use supplies in the office

These exercises will require supplies. Whether you are doing fun games or group discussions, you need office supplies. Take what you need from the office instead of purchasing new supplies to use for the exercises. List everything that you need and buy only the ones that are not available. 

Avoid large group teambuilding programs

Choose the best people to join the exercise. If your office only has a few staff, you can invite everyone to come. However, if you are running a large office with hundreds of employees, you can break down the program to several batches by department or according to those who work closely. The people in the accounting department might have nothing to do with the marketing division. Hence, it does not make sense to put them together on the same program. You can also customize the activities based on the group attending it. 

Prepare months ahead

If you intend to have this exercise as an annual activity, you need to include it in the yearly calendar. Set a date in advance so that those who organize it can reserve the places and other necessities. Booking a venue could be cheaper when done months ahead. The same is true for catering services. If you are hiring a third party to host the games, you can also get a discount if you set the date in advance. 

With these tips, you can hold the program without spending a lot of money. However, even when the original plan becomes too expensive, you still have to pursue the exercise. You might have to change a lot, including the venue, but the goal needs to stay the same. If you miss a year of doing this program, you might not do it again.