7 Best Ways To Make Great Amount Of Money From Real Estate In 2017


It’s 2017! You will find plenty of new ways to invest in multiple sectors to make more money and to secure the future. Some benefits are durable, some aren’t. We all focus on durable benefits by different ways of making money. Real estate is one of the great sources of money if you know how to deal in this. Let’s have a look at 7 most effective ways with which you can make a great amount of money by real estate today.


One of the most proven strategies to get some justice into a property is to focus on the renovation of the properties. If you can search properties that need some renovation and you can buy them on right price then this could be a great opportunity to manufacture growth. You will be amazed by knowing the value of the house can be improved by just a lick of paint, polished bathrooms and kitchens. The basic of renovating is to be aware of the amount of money you are spending so that you do not spend too much. If you are willing to buy a fair property which can be renovated well, then you can get great options of owning a Commercial Property in Modinagar.

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2.Buy property and hold

Well, this strategy quite durable. Real estate is a long term to make a decent amount of money, but buying some property and holding is a safer option yet slower. If you are not in hurry to make more money, then this is a great tactic. This is long term based tactic but it is the safest way to make a nice amount of money.

3.Building a house

Just like the strategy renovating, this is the other way to increase the growth. Although building a house is a long process of around 8-9 months right from beginning to completion, first you need to buy a land unless you do not have one, and then you have to get the council approval. After all these formalities you can start the process. You can end up with making some fair amount of money if you have played the right cards.

4.Divide and sell

If money is not an issue for you, then this is a great strategy which is prompt to durable benefits. This strategy will work only if you have the reasonable amount of equity on hand. All you need to do is to buy a land and then subdividing it to sell it further. You can gain a great profit and use that profit, you can re-invest in some other property. Paying down debt on the first property will leave with more positive cash flow.

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5.Buy commercial property and sell

This is one of the most effective real estate strategies. Basically, the strategy is to buy a commercial property in a nice location, renovate it or add some value by other ways and then sell it to make the great amount of profit.  This can be risky if you do not buy the profitable property from the right resource. Make sure you’re the property you are going to buy has resale value otherwise you will get stuck with a property that will not help you to make money. Options are available for buying great commercial Property for sale in Modinagar, Noida and other locations in India.

6.Buying with development approval

A development approval or D/A is the approval that one could get for units to subdivided, build, a block of land. Development approval can boost the value of your property if you do everything right and with a lot of preparation. Selling property with development approval can have the great source of making the fair amount of profit and benefits for a long time.

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7.Increasing value by increasing the rent

As per growing needs of the market and location, it is fair to increase the amount of rent as this can boost up the value of your commercial. How to get a higher rent? A fair question! To do that, you can renovate the property, make it more attractive, the better place to live and try plenty of other options to get it better because it can pay off well.

The bottom line is…

Real estate is a great to make a chunk of money these days. All you need to do is to use right strategies and play your cards well. Whether it is about investing in a profitable commercial property or increasing the rent, use right tactic at the right place.


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