9 Simple Items New Offices Forget to Stock Up On

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Let’s face it, no one wants to get to a new office and find that certain necessities haven’t been stocked up on. It’s important to have such items readily available as it can affect the productivity of the employees working in that office. Not only is it an inconvenience for the employees, it also highlights lack of communication and professionalism.

Let’s look at 9 simple items that a new office should stock up on, or at least purchase!


Cleaning Supplies

The last thing a new office needs is a lack of cleaning supplies. No one wants to work in an environment that is unhygienic as it can impact productivity and efficiency. These are important items that need to be stocked up on as most people end up spending up to 8-9 hours in the office. Another important aspect of having cleaning supplies is that a clean work place could mean less sick days! Overall, it’s important to keep your office clean so employees stay motivated while working.



Every office clearly needs extra monitors (if you have desktop computers). The business world has become dependent on technology and as we know things can go wrong at times, which is why it’s important to have back-up monitors. A business needs to keep its activity going at all times, especially if you have deadlines to meet and don’t want work to stop just because a monitor isn’t operating properly. Technology can fail us at any time, so it’s important to cover your staff when it inevitably goes wrong.


Shipping labels

If your business regularly ships items out to clients/prospects, you’re going to need a stock of shipping labels at all times. If this applies to you, then these Dymo shipping labels from Labelcity are an essential item to store in the office. Dymo shipping labels are the most popular category of labels due to their quality and resilience and are primarily used for packages.

High Speed Internet

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High- Speed internet

Gone are the days, when offices relied on dial-up internet. Nowadays offices need to have high-speed internet if they want to work efficiently. This isn’t necessarily something you need to stock-up on, but it is something that your office needs. This is extremely important for new offices as most communication that takes place is online, which means a good internet connection will only enhance the quality and productivity of your employees.

Printer/Multipurpose Machine

If you have a paperless office you may be able to get away without having a printer, but there might be an emergency where you need to print some important documents and meet a deadline. A new office should look at having at least a couple of multipurpose printers that will enable employees to print at a rapid speed, increasing productivity and communication.


A File Cabinet

Even if your new office aims to be paperless, there is always a need to have space for hard copy documents. The best place to keep these documents is in a filing cabinet. It may seem old-fashioned, but filing cabinets keep important documents safe and organised and prevent you from endlessly searching for a missing document. A filing cabinet will also help to ensure the workplace stays free of clutter.



Where will you keep all the essentials such as pens, sticky notes, papers, folders, ink, labels, business cards and other office supplies? A new office should make sure it has sufficient storage space to store important items. Not that an office needs to stock up on storage space, but they should have back up space that can be converted into storage space (e.g. foldable boxes that can be brought out when necessary).


Paper Shredder

Every office has sensitive and confidential information that they may need to destroy from time to time, which is why a paper shredder is essential in a new office. It may be worth buying a couple of paper shredders, as they seem to break down very quickly. A new office should be aware of such sensitive information and be prepared to get rid of it when needed.


Backup Drive

Working in an office means dealing with important and sensitive information. Do you want to risk losing those documents? If not, you need to have backup drives in place that can store everything. External drivers are affordable and can keep the costs down for a new office.

Whether you’re a new or old office, it’s important to have these simple items in stock so that efficiency and productivity remains consistent without any interruptions.


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