How Business are Getting Benefits from Self Ordering Kiosk?


If talking about our Self Ordering Kiosk then these are even known by the name of Self-Serve Kiosks. They have been around a little bit and are turning into very much famous as the client’s preferred choice for placing order of meals in Fast Casuals, Quick Service Restaurants, Fine Dines and Casual Dines. These highly efficient kiosks provide different advantages to restaurant owners and clients that make them so pleasing.

Here we are sharing some advantages of Self-Ordering Kiosks:

More profit

Food points and restaurants have noticed a 20% improvement in check averages have to automatic up-selling, suggesting combos, promoting specials, etc.

Accurate Ordering

With the help of our efficient self ordering kiosk, customers get accurately what they desire because they can place order in their own interest, language. It reduces the chances of miscommunication. Customers can easily use our Restaurant Kiosk,place their orders and make payment easily.

Payment Options

Our fully functional kiosks cater to payment preference of every consumer. They are accepting coins, bank notes, vouchers, credit cards, Apple-Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.

Client Satisfaction

Most of the clients welcome the instant gratification and convenience offered by our highly efficient self-service kiosks to waiting in long lines. You can check our Mcdonald Kiosk for a better understanding.

How these solutions are assisting restauraunters trounce the language hurdle to ordering food

Food points, restaurants, mainly those that are located at worldwide tourist places, are losing a golden chance to make unique and memorable client experiences because of language hurdles. By providing their menu in different languages restaurants can offer their customers a treasured experience, make word of mouth kindness and also help boost their overall revenue.

There are different types of research executed by Common Sense Advisory and Harvard Business Review (HBR) group has following appealing findings:

  • More than 90% people when given a language choice are possible to purchase in their own language.
  • 42% people never buy services and products in other languages.
  • There are 72.1% people that spend most of their time on online restaurants and websites in their own recognizable language.
  • There are 56.2% people that feel the skill to get information in their own language is crucial than even cost.

So far it is been a difficult affair to have printed menu in different languages. But if comes to restauranteurs they no needs to worry about keeping proper watch of menus in different languages, refilling them, great cost of reprints, etc. Our solutions are planned to support more than 50 famous languages spoken by most of the people like Mandarin, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, German and many more. Solutions provided by our company include Table Top Ordering, Self-Serve Kiosks, Digital Menu Boards, Scan & Go, Cash Register, etc.

Clients can check the menu in any particular language by choosing from the language list and proceed to make their order, modify their selection and put their order. Clients can prefer to pay throughout different options such as vouchers, card, cash and many more.


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