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As the midway point of 2017 has been and gone, we thought it was time to see if any new interior design trends have emerged, to help create some fresh design excitement in homes up and down the UK. It so happens there are a number of them and we want to share them with you.


“Decorating your home isn’t always easy,” said Pimlico estate agent, Andrew Reeves. “Even if you love a room or entire floor you’ve designed and decorated yourself, it might no longer hold the same appeal for you. Or, quite simply, you could be feeling a little bored with it.”




Book shelves loaded with books are making a come-back in living rooms and reading rooms, right now. According to data experts Mintel, e-book sales are expected to fall 1% in 2017, while sales of physical books is forecast to rise some 6%.


While much of that rise is down to Britons still being in love with actual printed books, it’s also likely to be driven by the latest craze for having book shelves filled with books.


“For many of us, a love of books and full book shelves has never been a design trend, but it’s a welcome one, particularly for writers, publishers and book sellers,” said Assetgrove. “A full book shelf looks good in almost any home, so let’s hope this trend is here to stay.”




Metallic touches in a home aren’t particularly new, but the latest trend appears to be shifting from gold and brass, to nickel and silver finishes and some bronze too. Used correctly they can give a bit of an industrial feel, rather than the opulence associated with gold.


It can be used for decorative items such as photo frames and light fittings. Or rather than the actual metal, using fabrics in those metallic shades, could add the colours without the hard edge of numerous metals in a room.


Texture and Layering


Many people might prefer this kind of interior design or styling for the colder months of the year. But, if you enjoy fabrics and the visual impression that layered materials can give, then you can incorporate this design idea all year round.


It’s entirely up to individual taste how to work this trend. You could layer different fabrics in similar colours or different colours in similar fabrics, to get the contrast you’re looking for.


“Soft-furnishing are a popular way to breath some life into a room, floor or entire home, so this is likely to prove a popular one until the end of the year, at the very least,” said M&M Property. “It’s also a simple way of making some subtle changes in our home to suit the seasons, or even your mood!”



Channel You


If none of the ideas here really speak to you, then another option that will always work, is to put your own personality into the interior of your home. If you know what you love and how to put it together, then follow your own vision and create an interior that’s all you – or your family.


Remember, when it comes to the interior of your home, you’re the one living there so only you and your family need to love it.


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