Most rookie traders believe that it is not a must to have the comprehensive knowledge about the market to trade. If you think logically, will it work? Will you be able to make money? The Singaporean traders have achieved excellence in the industry. And it is completely because of the education on the market. They did not treat trading as a simple factor, rather they know the depth of trading. If you want to become a pro trader, you should know a few factors. You can boast about trading this market as it has numerous benefits. But the important factor is knowing the market well-enough to trade it successfully.

If we look at rookie traders, they don’t give much attention to studying the market as their ONLY need is to make money. To trade any kind of financial market, you should have the complete know-how of the market. However, to trade the market you should adhere to a trading plan, trading journal, and successful trading strategies. If you have less experience in trading, you should focus on the leverage. The leverage has the ability create profits or losses to the extreme. You should be really careful when trading the CFD market as it involves risks like any other markets. As a rookie trader, you would have to focus on a few factors that are very much important for a successful trading path.

Making money in the retail trading industry is a challenging task. You have to learn all the complex parameters of the Forex trading industry. Most importantly you have to trade with very low risk. And always be prepared to embrace losing trades as it will be a part of your trading career.

Don’t step out of the comfort zone

You would have read many articles on ‘stepping out of the comfort zone’ but this a bit different. We are emphasizing you to not to step out of the comfort zone because it can ruin your whole trading journey. If you were a pro trader, the case would have been completely different as you have the understanding to step out of the comfort zone. But as a rookie trader, it is not advisable to do so. In CFD trading, the hardest yet the important step is to place the stop loss. You shouldn’t dream of making millions in a month, as it is impractical. But you can trade without being kicked out of the market if you are in your comfort zone. As a beginner, you would have very little experiences to handle risks, so your predictions can wrong at times. If you don’t want to face unbearable risks and if you want to remain in the market, don’t step out of your comfort zone until you are familiar.

Don’t be unstable

This is another factor that every amateur trader should call to mind. Being unstable can cripple the trading success that you were trying so hard to achieve. You may even lose the interest in trading. Why unstable situation occurs? Basically, amateur traders do not know the value of a trading plan, they think it is just planning nothing much. Well, it is everything. Your trading plan has the ability to increase your profits, only if you stick to it. It helps you to understand the market even better, so you shouldn’t change plans often. Be stable, and stick to whatever you have already planned.

Don’t underestimate risks

A risk is a factor that decides whether you lose or win in trading. If you don’t take control it can swipe your account to zero balance and you will be the loser. Most amateur traders underestimate the power of risks and they just let it into their trading journey. This is the mere reason for their loss. You should have the broader mindset on risks and the ways to control it.



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