The Importance Of Trust In Yourself


I have always been intrigued by travel and the freedom it provides, which paints a stark contrast to a cubicle job. That is why I explored the travel industry, specifically the media aspect of it. And so, I reached out to Zander Shine, a 6’4’’ surfer and travel filmmaker of a similar mindset.

Born and raised in Arizona, since a very young age, Shine has always been attracted to surfing, photography and traveling. Growing up 300 miles from the coastline of California, his experiences differed from those of SoCal natives, who grew up around surfers who did what they loved every day. Though it was interesting growing up in Arizona’s immense beauty, growing up, he constantly wanted to travel the world. After pursuing a college football career for a few years, playing at The University of Alabama and winning a National Championship, he decided to move to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue his other loves and passions in life.


Shine has a love for photography; not only does he take pleasure in the intricacies behind the camera, but he enjoys being in front of the camera even more. Music is a huge influence in his life; his passion for house music, along with another favorite genre, EDM, and making friends in Los Angeles has led him to work with YouTube channel Trap Nation.


Currently, Shine now travels around the globe, traveling and documenting his journey, creating jaw dropping content. He is best known for documenting his travels on Instagram and, in the near future, Youtube.


How can entrepreneurs stay motivated and keep their goals in mind?


The things that keep people happy are simple yet amazing. Many people imagine being rebellious to be simply going against the grain, but you can either be satisfied with yourself or seek more out of life. Rebellion is more than breaking other people’s rules; it is having the strength to break your own. Breaking out of the social norm of society’s expectations allows the pursuit of personal passions, it will lead you to gratitude for doing so. Rebellion is constantly challenging yourself. Life starts where the comfort zone ends. And so, a big desire is to live life to its fullest extent, chasing your passions and overcoming adversity to do so.

How have passions, life experiences and acquaintances influenced growth as an entrepreneur?


Mentors are friends and family; they provide the support needed to pursue passions. Because change is constant in life, so are ideas and thoughts. It is a blessing to have passion, learn, and push your own personal limits. For many, society’s expectation of being at a desk working a job merely because of the status quo of society is overcome by the desire to live now and work a dead-end job later on, not wasting creativity and energy in a room at a desk in the pursuit of happiness. It is clear that it is imperative for one to pursue one’s true passions.


What are common causes of failure and how can you learn from them to drive future success?


If you ever feel like you don’t belong in life, remember that there is always someone who shares the same interest and passion as you somewhere on this earth. It is crucial to find them, doing so ultimately allows true freedom. You can grow as an individual simply just by believing in yourself and taking risks when needed. If you don’t believe in yourself, then you have no chance. Even if you desperately wish to chase your dream, make sure that dream is practical; live within your dreams. Doing so is humbling and will invoke gratitude for every moment. Life in general is too short. Whether it is spent basket weaving or skydiving, do it. Chasing after what you believe in and doing what ultimately makes you, as an individual, happy is special. There is no better feeling in life than doing what you truly love everyday of your life. Nevertheless, failure is frequent, but it makes you a stronger individual.




Any aspiring entrepreneur can learn a couple of things from Zander’s story. It’s important to go against the status quo. Conquer your fears. The mind is incredibly powerful; realize your own potential. Travel. Break the mold. And most importantly, believe in yourself.



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