What Makes Naya Raipur Smart City The Ideal Living Place?



Naya Raipur is one of the cities being developed under integrated urban renewal program. Emerging to the flag bearer of smart cities in India, this new state capital of Chhattisgarh has been equipped with all modern yet sustainable features. From integration of alternative energy sources and convenient road connectivity to advanced telecommunication connection, Naya Raipur has everything to be termed as a hi-tech, green smart city.

Let’s take a detailed look into the features of Naya Raipur:

Arterial roads for convenient transportation

The Naya Raipur area is classified into six zones. The arterial road network connects all the zones for convenient travelling within this city. For less congestion, the roads are of 60 to 100 meters in width. There are dedicated bus lanes and 6 lane expressways too.

Water management for safety and curbing wastage

In this greenfield smart city of India, water from Mahanadi canals or the River’s barrage will be sufficient for the whole city. However, before it reaches any residential or commercial complexes, certain tests will be done mandatorily.

For the treatment, screening, filtering, sedimentation and 60 other disinfection tests are musts to undergo according to Naya Raipur’s development plan 2031 of. After all precautions, quality of water would become what WHO or CHPEEO passes as drinking water.

Electricity in Naya Raipur smart city

Developing to be a model for other smart cities in India, this capital has an underground distribution system for power. Naya Raipur uses non-conventional or alternate resources of energy like the solar energy.

In this project, the government of Chhattisgarh supports the idea of using solar energy from solar cells for all streetlights as well as traffic signals and in administrative offices.

Moreover, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) maintain and control power supply online. This means minimum wastage of precious energy resources!

Smart city means clean city

Sanitation is essential for living a healthy life. The integrated smart city of India is built with proper amenities along with adequate sewage system. As per plans, Naya Raipur will be a Zero Discharge City of this nation. The primary idea is to use waste management system for recycling dissolved solid wastes from sewerage water.

Moreover, clean water will help in overcoming water requirement. The purpose of this treated water is to use it in irrigation, horticulture and even recharging ground water.

Connecting to the world

The greenfield smart city will have every facility when it comes to telecommunication. Wireless, as well as wired telecom services, will be available to people. Moreover, it will have optical fibre network for better data and voice connections.

Also, Naya Raipur is easily accessible with major national highways like NH-53 and NH-30 in the north and south-east direction respectively. This helps this city to connect with rest of the country conveniently.

The government of Chhattisgarh is working efficiently to complete Naya Raipur project and introduce it to all other smart cities in India as the first integrated green and smart city. Other than the points above, this place has educational facilities as well as cultural centres for development of the youth. It will be a perfect place to live and enjoy all advantages of modern amenities.





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