How to Avoid Traffic Drop During Website Maintenance

Avoid Traffic Drop During Website Maintenance

Your website is under the maintenance process for the integration of outstanding features and extra functionalities. You are confident that you will get more attention from potential customers and more users will land on your website.

However, during the entire maintenance process, the dreadful situation arose when you start losing the traffic on your website. All those efforts you have put to gain that traffic seems worthless as your website is not displaying any content at all.

In order to get out of the fear of losing your traffic, try to follow our suggestions to retain your traffic during website maintenance.

Outcomes of longer website downtime

Your website depicts the virtual image of your business. If it is going through issues, it will hugely impact your business as well. It is frustrating for entrepreneurs as the business is not generating any sales and it is losing the customers trust all along.

It doesn’t matter in which business domain you are currently working; your competitors will take advantage of this situation eventually when your website is being revamped.

You will lose credibility

It takes time to build customer’s interest and when they watch your website down for a long time, it will start losing credibility.

When a visitor doesn’t find their intended information from your website they will search for other sources and ultimately you will lose your loyal visitors.

Your website’s rankings will affect

A website not showing up for days, having dead links will harm its rankings. As search engine crawlers land on your website to acquire information, they will not find any and eventually will give preference to your competitors in the SERP’s.

All your efforts to boost your website’s rankings will undermine and regaining those rankings will cost you more time and energy.

Your revenues will diminish

Your profit-generating website solely relies on the number of visitors on your website. A website under maintenance will lose all CTA buttons and your customers will be incapable of making any purchases or accessing your services. No click on productive sections of your website means no revenues.

Avoiding Traffic Drop

If your website is ranked on the top of search engine results before the modification, it may continue getting traffic to your website that will be down for maintenance or redesigning.

The potential buyers or clients who find your website down upon their visit will never return if they are not communicated about scheduled maintenance or a notice about getting life back.

This results in a higher bounce rate that may lead you to declined ranking in search engine results as well.

Ultimately, you are losing the current traffic as well as the future one because of the lowered SEO.

Therefore, without worrying about your website’s performance you can take the following steps to maintain its effectiveness and keep the traffic flowing through as soon as you go live again.

Integrate a maintenance mode page

Integrate a maintenance mode pag
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Instead of disappointing your visitors with no information about your website getting a life, it’s ideal to manifest a maintenance mode page.

It is mandatory for any eCommerce website, developed in either Magento or PrestaShop, to communicate the schedule maintenance in an email to their existing users and add a landing page for the new users.

The Magento 2 Maintenance Mode Extension has proven to be most effective in this regards. The extension allows integrating multiple options to entertain visitors that land on your website when it is down.

Countdown timer with a signup form

Don’t let down your regular visitors stray by putting the website down without notifying them. Instead, integrate a countdown timer that will show the time remaining for your website to get live.

This is an ideal approach of dealing with the scenarios when your website is facing issues or is unavailable to access because of major updates in the design or functionality.

In addition, you can deal smartly with the visitors landed for the first time on your website through a compelling signup form.

Ask them to fill the necessary credentials like their names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. and they will be informed when the website will be live with all of its contents.

Also, illuminate a short message of apology about the inconvenience.

Add Attractive Media

Add Attractive Media
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You can entertain the users visiting your website that is undergoing maintenance with amazing visuals like images, videos, and animations.

Besides letting them go away disappointed, add compelling media files to amuse them. Along with that, make them aware of the next availability of your site.

Integrate social links

Social media networks are great for driving your potential customers to the business platform that is your website.

For generating brand awareness and marketing the products or services, social media channels are having a great impact on the levitating any business domain.

These days’ companies have hired social media handlers to maximize the exposure of their business. You can also embed your social links on your maintenance mode page to effectively grow your business and increase the number of social followers.

Manifest CMS pages

When your website is under the process of redesign or redevelopment, don’t give a chance that results in losing loyal website users. Instead, showcase CMS pages that have no concern with the overall recodification process.

These pages include Contact US, About US and other informative pages that are not directly linked to conversions.

So, a visitor landed on a website just for the sake of information should not get returned with no info at all.

500 Internal Server Error

When a website is down, a server responds with a 500 error that indicates that it is experiencing some issues and is unable to respond to a visitor’s request.

This page can be optimized by embellishing it with quotes, apology, or with a promotional message. Many well –known companies are making use of this method to manifest to provide a better user experience.

A 503-service unavailable error code will inform search engines that the website is temporarily unavailable and will be back after a short period. A file needs to be created that generates the 503-status code.


There comes a time when you have to upgrade your existing site with new features, as your outdated website would have failed to deliver intended results. For exponential growth of your business, it is vital to optimizing your online presence.

If your website has recently been delivered to the web developer for making changes, it’s time to make efforts to retain its worth. Following the mentioned strategies will help you maintain significant traffic to your site while it is being revamped.


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